보쿠쿠로도 나만 좋아하는걸까.. 왜 본진에서도 나홀로호모질

보쿠쿠로도 나만 좋아하는걸까.. 왜 본진에서도 나홀로호모질

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익명 회원: You are like the only one that updates the akakuro tag with amazing stuff regularly I love you and your art I love you

Ahaha oh dear!! did I spam the tag that much. And thank you so much sweet anon! I love you too, do you know how much I love akakuro fans as much as the pairing!! 

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익명 회원: 적흑 흥해랏! Manaorin 님 흥해랏!

한글 메세지라니 반가워요 반가워요

저는 흥하지 않아도 되지만 적흑은 흥해야합니다. 제 마음속에서는 쿠농 커플링 1위 울트라 메이저니까요. 감사합니다 !

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모든걸 적흑으로 바꿔버리고 싶은 요즘

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익명 회원: I love your art. I was looking for the artist who was drawing this beautiful pictures. I was seriously looking for your blog.

Thank you for such kind words!! I am happy you like my things. And sorry for making you work to find this clumsy blogger!


Have a Kuroko to brighten your day like you did mine!

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적흐으윽… 120분 참여하고 싶은데 계속 자버린다

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kurokoyumi: *SCREAMS* the fanfic I just read on your blog... Was amazing since I can't find much akakuro fanfics anymore TvT but there has to more to that fanfic *A* it's really good

Yes! Do not worry my sweet akakuro comrade, I pester her like a vermin everyday for fics and make her feel devastated by dumping minor ships. I’m sure she shall willingly make some akakuro for me, of course, yes, totally. 

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Pairing: Akashi/Kuroko 
Rating: M for just slightly rated scene
Stuffs: AU - Ar Tonelico universe; Singing Reyvateil Kuroko (who sings to fight) | Scythe Dancer Akashi | Sword Master Kise | Gunslinger Aomine
Read it on: AO3 

“When traveling, I go by Kuroko Tetsuya.”

Then he abruptly turns around, untucking the hems of his shirt and revealing the patch of skin near the plump swell of his bottom, marred by what they think is a chaotic mess of an ethnic tattoo; periwinkle blue against milky beige.

“But when I need to input my ID into the city scanners, I am TETSUYA_FEHU_KUROKO_SEIRIN.”

Ignoring their confused stares—safe for the redhead’s suddenly bright eyes, the teen faces them once more.

“But back at the laboratory, I’m their hunted Tetsuya_yx.ZONE_CATEGORY.Teiko. That’s why I need you three to take me in.”

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IT WAS WORTH WHINING AT YOU 24/7 HOW THERE ARE NO AKAKURO FICS FOR ME TO READ ANYMORE. I thought I reblogged this but i guess not. I know you are going to write 1000 chapters of this, right. RIGHT? And thanks for always being there when I suddenly wake up and spam your LINE with akakuro / kurokuro/ mayukuro/ nijkuro/ akakurokuro orekuroboku seriouslyanythingrelatedwithakakuro.

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왜 농구는 유니폼이 몸에 안 달라붙는거야

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